Taylor Swift, Julien Baker, And Others Will Contribute To A Record Store Day Benefit Compilation

Last month, it was revealed that Taylor Swift is Record Store Day’s Global Ambassador this year. That didn’t make it clear exactly what Swift will do in that role, but now we know at least one RSD endeavor she’s involved in: Record Store Day and Vans are teaming up for a compilation album, Portraits Of Her, featuring Swift, Julien Baker, and others.

Aside from Swift and Baker, the album will also feature Asiahn, Banks, Leyla Blue, Boyish, Bully, Alice Longyu Gao, Laura Jane Grace, Girl In Red, Girl Ultra, K. Flay, Mariah The Scientist, Julia Michaels, Joy Oladokun, and Princess Nokia. The project will benefit We Are Moving The Needle, a nonprofit organization supporting female recording industry professionals.

“Record Stores are a nice escape from the rhythm of our everyday lives. They allow us to really think about what music we’re engaging with and listening to,” Oladokun says in a press release.

Emily Lazar, the Grammy-winning engineer who founded We Are Moving The Needle, also said, “Women are an incredible asset to the music industry, yet they are underrepresented across the board, but particularly in recording studios. To close the vast gender gap in this industry, we must all work together to empower women on and off stage, behind the music, in the studio, and everywhere else in this business. We are grateful for the support from Vans, Record Store Day, and these amazing female artists.”

Tierney Stout, Director of Global Music Marketing at Vans, noted, “This album celebrates generations of women who have overcome barriers to representation, recognition, and opportunity in the music industry. Brands, record labels, musicians, and other organizations, including Record Store Day and We Are Moving The Needle, are working together to give today and tomorrow’s female talent more visibility, support, and opportunities.”