You Can Now Get College Credit For Learning About Taylor Swift In A New NYU Course

Some super fans spend so much time keeping up-to-date with their favorite musician that they’re a de facto expert. Now, there’s a way for select university students to get graded on their knowledge of one pop artist in particular. A new course at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute gives students the chance to earn university credit for learning about Taylor Swift. Last week, the school launched the course focused on Swift’s career — and as one can imagine, there’s a very long waitlist to join.

The course is taught by Rolling Stone staff writer Brittany Spanos and will teach students about Swift’s rise to success, the legacy of pop and country songwriters, and the politics of race in today’s music. According to Variety, the course’s description notes students will “deconstruct both the appeal and aversions” to Swift’s music by analyzing close readings as well as public discourse. The class will also delve “into analyses of the culture and politics of teen girlhood in pop music, fandom, media studies, whiteness and power as it relates to her image and the images of those who have both preceded and succeeded her.” Those who opt to take the course will also discuss topics like “copyright and ownership, American nationalism and the ongoing impact of social media on the pop music industry.”

If that didn’t entice students, a representative for NYU told Variety that they’ve even invited Swift to join the class as a guest speaker. Swift’s appearance hasn’t been confirmed, but would definitely make for an interesting lecture.

This isn’t the firs time NYU has hosted courses centered around music and pop culture. In the past, there have been courses taught by Questlove, Q-Tip, producer-engineer Bob Power, and many more.