Taylor Swift Shared A Cryptic Preview Of Her Upcoming Release Of ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

You know how the old saying goes… the devil works hard, Taylor Swift works harder. No, but seriously, this pop star hasn’t taken a moment to breathe since her epic double release folklore and evermore took over 2020. She’s since re-released Fearless as Taylor’s Version, and already shared a significant number of teasers about her re-release of the fan-favorite album, Red, this fall. A new teaser came today in the form of a cryptic tweet video, that I’m sure fans are already breaking out decoder rings to unravel. Check it out below.

Captioned with some of the most poignant lyrics from one of Red‘s best songs, she knows exactly how much her fans love Easter eggs and the process of solving a mystery to get more new music from their favorite. “*presses post* *cackles maniacally* Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest,” she wrote to caption the video. You can hear Taylor’s voice buried in the mix of the shadowy snippet, but none of the lyrics can quite be made out. Similarly, the post shows jumbles of letters emerging from a vault, that probably have to do with collaborators or new tracks on the new version of Red. Time to settle in and wait for the geniuses among us to solve the code.

Some are already getting started… and does that say Phoebe Bridgers?