Nearly 1,000 US Radio Stations Vow To Only Play The ‘Taylor’s Version’ Of Taylor Swift Songs

In case you’ve forgotten, the whole reason that Taylor Swift is re-recording her albums is so she has new master recordings of her classic hits that she actually owns the rights to. So far, fans have embraced the idea, as Fearless (Taylor’s Version) topped the charts and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the just-released Red (Taylor’s Version) do the same next week. Now, Swift has found a powerful ally in replacing her original recordings with her new ones: iHeartRadio has vowed to only play the “Taylor’s Version” of songs on its radio stations from now on. iHeartRadio has “more than 850 broadcast radio stations” in its network, making it the largest broadcaster in the United States.

iHeartRadio made the announcement with a post on its website yesterday, which notes, “iHeartRadio is replacing all of Taylor’s previous albums with the ‘Taylor’s Version’ of each of them as Taylor releases each project, and will play only ‘Taylor’s Version’ of her songs on the air.”

Tom Poleman, Chief Programming Officer for iHeartMedia, is quoted in the post as saying, “Whenever Taylor re-records a new track, we immediately replace the old versions. Our stations will always deliver songs that artists are eager to share and fans want to hear. Listeners have made it known that they cannot wait to hear ‘Taylor’s Version’ of each track. We are thrilled to provide a platform to share those with them, as well as the stories behind the songs from Taylor herself.”

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