Taylor Swift’s Acoustic Live Performance Video Of ‘The Man’ Is Intimate Yet Grand

Not long after releasing Lover, Taylor Swift headed to L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix in Paris for her “City Of Lover” show, during which she performed a handful of the record’s songs live for the first time: “Death By A Thousand Cuts,” “Cornelia Street,” and “The Man.” Now, she has shared the video of her acoustic rendition of “The Man.”

The original song is a catchy, synth-led tune, and it retains its earworm qualities in the acoustic rendition. No matter its form, “The Man” is a song fans clearly know and love, as in the video, Swift’s audience can be heard singing the song back to her.

Swift previously said the song is about how her public image would be different if she was a man: “So many of these things are ingrained in even women, these perceptions, and it’s really about re-training your own brain to be less critical of women when we are not criticizing men for the same things.[…] We [women] have to curate and cater everything, but we have to make it look like an accident. Because if we make a mistake, that’s our fault, but if we strategize so that we won’t make a mistake, we’re calculating.”

Watch Swift perform “The Man” live in Paris above.