An Atlantic City Chocolate Shop Made $30,000 With A ‘Willy Wonka’ Contest For Taylor Swift Tickets

Bar 32, a chocolate shop located in New Jersey’s Atlantic City, auctioned off 3,000 chocolate bars for $10 this week. Selling out by Wednesday night, they raised $30,000. And, in just one of the bars, there is a Willy Wonka style winner of two tickets to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. Specifically, Swift’s show at Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field on May 13, 2023.

The catch is that fans won’t know if they won right away. The chocolate bars allegedly all contain a number and the company will draw the winner on Christmas Day. Purchases were only limited to… 50 bars per person. Meaning, that there are likely some Swifties out there who spent $500 on chocolate bars and still might not even get tickets.

Another caveat is the unclear idea of just where the seats would be. Floor? Sign me up. Nosebleeds? Doesn’t seem as worth it. Be careful guys, it’s brutal out here.

“We’ve always wanted to incorporate a ‘golden ticket’ within our chocolate bar and shop,” Bar 32 assistant chocolate maker Katie Callazzo said to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “We are overwhelmed by how much support we have gotten with our contest.”

The article notes that Bar 32 has no plans for a restock, but fans can stay tuned for a potential Christmas miracle in the form of a future Instagram live. And, considering resale for two seats at Swift’s show in Philly are currently listed for $810 each at the lowest on Stubhub ($2,054 with estimated fees), the math would make a profit of approximately $27,946 from the chocolate shop contest.

Just imagine, if Swifties banded together to buy tickets instead, they would actually have a stronger chance of attending with a decent view.