Zendaya and Labrinth’s ‘Euphoria’ Song, ‘All For Us,’ Is A Powerful End To An Emotional Season

Zendaya and Labrinth have shared their moving duet, “All For Us,” which played over a choreographed measure that closed out the emotional first season of HBO’s Euphoria. The song aired in the series’ season finale Sunday night.

“All For Us” slowly builds to a dark beat while Zendaya’s soft and poignant vocals sing of family and close relationships. “Too much in my system (famine, famine) / Money MIA (pockets hella empty) / Momma making ends meet (making ends meet) / Working like a slave (Mississippi aye aye),” Zendaya sings over Labrinth’s back-up vocals.

The song marks a point where Zendaya’s character, Rue, departs from reality. Laying on her bed, Rue becomes animated as “All For Us” begins. Rue starts slowly walking as the song’s beat pulses. She then falls back into the arms of a mob of bodies. “‘Til then,” Labrinth speaks at the end of the song as the screen turns black, leaving viewers wanting more.

Labrinth was the lead composer on Euphoria‘s first season. While crafting the score, Labrinth worked closely with Euphoria’s director, Sam Levinson, to create the soundscape for the gritty and controversial drama which depicts drug use, violence, and sex. “All For Us” will appear on his upcoming solo album. Euphoria isn’t the only drama the musician has worked on of late. Labrinth also co-produced Beyonce’s Lion King track, “Spirit.”

Listen to Zendaya and Labrinth’s song, “All For Us,” above.