Cody And The Young Bucks Announced All In Will Include More Big Name Talent And A Championship Match

05.13.18 1 year ago 8 Comments

All In

The development of Cody and The Young BucksAll In show has been one of pro wrestling’s most interesting recent stories outside of the ring. The trio from Bullet Club and the Being The Elite webseries announced their goal to self-fund a show that would sell out a 10,000 seat arena back in November. Since then it’s looked more and more likely they will achieve that goal, which would be a huge achievement for independent wrestling.

At a press conference at the Pro Wrestling Tees retail store in Chicago today, the All In talent was set to make another big announcement about the show. Given that CM Punk was recently announced to be doing a meet and greet at this store the day before All In, many speculated they might be announcing his involvement. We know the Bucks were trying to get Punk to come back to wrestling about the time they started planning All In. Punk was ultimately not announced, but we did get more details about the show and who will be performing there.

First, Cody took the podium and said he wants to move beyond “good wrestling” and “great wrestling,” and move to the era of “elite wrestling.” He thanked Cracker Barrel, Hot Topic, One Hour Tees, and Ring of Honor, with whom Cody and the Bucks were exclusively contracted at the time they announced All In.

He welcomed Billy Corgan, owner of the NWA brand and a Chicago native, to the stage, who announced that the NWA championship will be defended at All In. After Corgan left the stage, Cody announced that he will be challenging for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (currently held by Nick Aldis) at All In.

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