Watch The Moment Becky Lynch Discovered She Won’t Be Competing At Survivor Series

11.16.18 9 months ago 30 Comments


The emotional roller coaster WWE fans have gone on this week has been almost unheard of, from the staggering highs of Becky Lynch invading Raw and beating down Ronda Rousey covered in “Irish war paint”, to the crushing lows of the announcement that she’d been pulled from Survivor Series (and a possible main event), from the empowering promo and replacement selection in the face of a broken face to the straight fire tweets that are somehow still kicking Ronda Rousey’s ass.

Here’s a good thing about WWE: they’re always taping everything.

WWE shared a video of Lynch learning she won’t compete at Survivor Series a day after what some called her “Austin 3:16” moment, and it’s just as good and moving as you’d expect. If you were worried about WWE continuing to resist crowd responses and try to make Becky a “heel” and Charlotte a “face” and all that crazy wrestling stuff, this video will ease your mind a little. Like we saw earlier this week on Twitter, WWE’s taking a real life injury and real life bad timing and turning them into glorious, glorious kayfabe.

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