Here’s What We Know About Brock Lesnar’s Deals With WWE And UFC


If you watch WWE, you’ve probably exhibited symptoms of Brock Lesnar-Induced Frustration Syndrome. Just when you think the giant South Dakotan’s grip on the Universal Championship picture has ended, he shows up to cause a main event cage match to end in a No Contest and make everybody angry.

Lesnar’s return to invoke his rematch clause after losing his title to Roman Reigns was hinted at ominously by Paul Heyman on the Raw after SummerSlam. However, wrestling fans who also keep up even casually with UFC had to wonder – when would this be? Would Lesnar’s return to pro wrestling clash with his return to UFC? For how long could Lesnar possibly come back to the squared circle before he had to focus on the octagon?

After HIAC, we got our answer to the first question: Lesnar will try to regain his championship in a triple threat match against Reigns and Braun Strowman at the next Saudi Arabian propaganda-including PPV, WWE Crown Jewel on November 2. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently delivered the scoop on the rest.

According to WON, Lesnar did have the rumored meeting with Vince McMahon before SummerSlam. He signed a new deal with WWE, but it’s probably short-term to allow him to renegotiate to avoid conflict with his UFC schedule and make the most money possible from both companies. This could signal a new era of cooperation between UFC and WWE, and that Lesnar could return to F-5 the main event scene no matter his status with the MMA promotion.