Chyna Wants To Fix Her Relationship With WWE, Because It’s Time For That To Happen

The relationship between WWE and Chyna is a confusing one. She wants to be in the Hall of Fame, but her ex who helps run the company now won’t put her in because she’s done porn (among other, unspoken reasons). She keeps apologizing for leaving the company on bad terms, but nobody seems to hear it.

The latest apology is mature and level-headed, especially in comparison to her previous hits like begging for meetings and showing up at WWE HQ unannounced, allegedly bum-rushing people at funerals, and endorsements from Jennifer Tilly.

An excerpt:

“I don’t want to show up in all of these places with my brothers and sisters that I was in the trenches with and on the road with that I love for a huge part of my life, to see them now and feel awkward because of the repercussions of the battle with the WWE. It’s just something that I’d love to resolve, and I haven’t been able to do that. I can atone and say sorry for the things that I’ve done, and I do feel bad for the things that I’ve done and having said certain things under duress and pain and things that I haven’t resolved. That’s all I want to do.”

We also would’ve accepted, “Sunny just did porn and I don’t see you kicking her out of the Hall of Fame for it, so what’s the deal?”

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