Jimmy Havoc Is The Newest Member Of The All Elite Wrestling Roster


The latest episode of All Elite Wrestling‘s kayfabe documentary series The Road To Double Or Nothing revealed the latest performer to become affiliated with AEW, Jimmy Havoc.

The British independent wrestler, best known for his run in Progress and for working deathmatches in various promotions, was introduced through a video package Cody, AEW Coordinator Michael Cuellari, and Christopher Daniels were shown watching.

In the video, Havoc describes how he “was injured and on the shelf for eight months” and how during this time he saw many of his UK peers reach the highest points in their wrestling careers. He says that when he returned to the ring, people overlooked him, and they’re “going to regret it.” The AEW crew don’t sound like fans of deathmatch wrestling at all, but two out of three of them still like Havoc and they decide to “make the call.”

Havoc and AEW confirmed that he will be working with the promotion on social media soon after the episode dropped.


With other big AEW announcements to be expected this Thursday, February 7, here’s who we know for sure will be working with the promotion so far: