Scott Steiner’s Impact Wrestling Media Call Went Completely Off The Rails

Scott Steiner has never been one to shy away from calling out the people he doesn’t like, and he’s always good for a sound bite, but we had just gotten used to a world where the former WCW world champion wasn’t doing something totally batsh*t, like being banned from the WWE Hall of Fame, or allegedly making death threats, or offering Hulk Hogan $1 million to fight him for real.

Steiner has just returned to Impact Wrestling once again, and this week he took a break from his Shoney’s and bystander responsibilities to appear on a media conference call to plug the company. You can listen to that call above, and for the highlights, just keep reading.

The conference call opened on a perfect note, as Ross Forman welcomed Steiner to the call, and was immediately told to “F*ck off” by Steiner, who yelled about being called two minutes late, and being irritated by the traffic he was currently stuck in. He was asked about his upcoming match against LAX, and that led to a lot of comments about Mexicans cutting lawns! Good start!

“Konnan’s gonna be doing what he always did in WCW after we finish this match. He’s gonna be carrying my bags and shining my belt. Maybe my shoes, too. Actually, he might come and cut my grass. I might have all three of ’em [do it], really. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. [Santana and Ortiz] will be with Konnan, cutting my grass. I actually have a tee spot on my lawn where I need to be putting, so they better be just right. No, I hate golf! But they better cut my grass right.

“That’s what I don’t understand: why does — Trump wants to keep out all the Mexicans, but who’s going to cut the grass? Seriously. I mean, that’s a legitimate question.”

When he was being asked a question about being a major star in every organization over many years, Steiner interjected by screaming, “THAT’S WHY I’M WORLD FAMOUS, BITCH!” When the reporter finished his query bout how Steiner has managed to stay at the top for so long, Steiner began talking about how much he does sex.

“Longevity was — I’ve never really taken a day off training. That’s the key to everything. One thing I wish I could do more is stretch, but my freaks make sure I’m limber. They don’t call me the Big Bag Booty Daddy for nothing. I’m pretty limber, and there’s little positions that these freaks want me to be in. So I wouldn’t say I’m too limber, but these freaks make sure I’m limber enough. ‘Cause, you know: trust me, they’re satisfied.”

A woman asked him about his motivation to continue wrestling, and Steiner said his motivation has always been punching people. He suggested that if she’s married, she should try punching her husband to keep him in line. When she said she isn’t married, he said she should consider marrying a guy and then punching him.

Make no mistake: there were plenty of uneventful questions mixed in that Steiner answered straight-up, like his opinions of his partner Eli Drake, thoughts on his classic “math” promo, and other things. An email question asked if there’s ever been a fat-ass that’s impressed him. That’s a loaded question, obviously, but Steiner’s response didn’t disappoint.

“I’ve wrestled a lot of fat-asses, and you’d be surprised about how tough some of these guys are. Stealing sugar from a fat man is pretty hard to do, you know. So they have definitely a tolerance to — you can’t push a fat guy away from a TV with his banquet dinner, you know. So it’s hard. These fat-asses are pretty tough, because they’re used to being physically and mentally abused, because they’re fat.

“Believe it or not, as crazy as it sounds, most fat guys don’t like to be called fat-asses. Are you kidding me? How can you not call a fat guy a fat-asses? So you call a guy a fat-ass, and he immediately gets upset, which therefore makes it much harder for you to beat him. But there ain’t no fat-ass that’s ever going to hang with the Genetic Freak.”

And the last most notable thing, obviously, Steiner inevitably talking about Hulk Hogan. Steiner was apparently pretty unhappy when Dixie Carter brought him into TNA, and called him out for being a racist. Given how the media call started, that’s some prime Scott Steiner right there. Someone asked about all the changes in Impact over the years, and Steiner talked about working for Jeff Jarrett in the beginning, which is why he came in, and then when things fell off a cliff for him.

“[The beginning] was the most profitable time at TNA, as far as viewership, making money, merchandise, and all that stuff combined. Unfortunately, that led to the next incarnation, which was working for dumbass Dixie Carter, that brought in the racist Hulk Hogan and all those other guys. That’s what killed it. Of course, I’ve let my feelings be known, and she put a lawsuit on me, because of the stuff I was saying on Twitter about Hogan.

“And it was all true. That piece of sh*t tried to get me arrested, saying that I assaulted his wife in an airport. Thank god that they had cameras there. That’s why I left [TNA at the time].”

You can listen to the full media call above. It’s an hour long, and I just gave you some of the key highlights, so buckle up and hear him. Then holler afterwards.

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