The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 3/23/98: Total Request Dead

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Tumblr photography presents WCW Monday Nitro

Previously on the Best and Worst of Nitro: WCW went back to Club La Vela to celebrate Spring Break and Cinnaburst® brand chewing gum, and Sting rappelled into the ring from a Scorpion-themed helicopter. But now WrestleMania XIV is only a few days away and WCW’s feeling the heat, so they’ve got to put on a good Nitro. Or, at least, an interesting one.

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Up first, let’s make sure we’re covered for our Thursday night content.

The One-Page Thunder Recap For March 19, 1998

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Now that WCW Thunder has been on the air for a couple of months, they’ve stopped including any matches or angles that matter, and mostly fill it with WCW Saturday Night matches with lightning lighting. For example, the Thunder before Uncensored featured Scott Steiner vs. Johnny Grunge and was main-evented by two straight nWo run-in disqualifications. The only thing I would’ve even have wanted to write about was Lenny Lane wearing Juventud Guerrera’s mask and pretending to be Chris Jericho for the first time.

So instead of devoting 2,000 words of mental real estate to these shows that were thrown together by manatees on Thursday afternoons, I’m going to start including one-page Thunder recaps to open up the Nitro columns. If you really hate this format, I’ll go back to trying to find three paragraphs worth of content about trifling-ass, cheating-ass Jim Duggan vs. Kendall Windham, but it’s going to be ugly.