No-Brainer Endorsement Opportunities WWE Should Consider

02.28.18 1 year ago 19 Comments

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We live in an advertising age dominated by product placement, celebrity endorsements, and every household device with a microphone snitching to your social media apps and resetting your ad algorithms in the most terrifying way possible.

In the past, WWE has partnered with a variety of companies to give us hilarious and, at times, frankly bizarre television spots. The Undertaker alone has been a commercial juggernaut, starring in everything from anti-drug PSAs to pro-getting Dominos delivered to a graveyard commercials (something you definitely shouldn’t try at home. Or … grave). Even John Cena’s mom has gotten in on the action. So it made us think — what brand synergy opportunities is WWE missing out on by not utilizing its current roster of Superstars and their equally hilarious and bizarre catchphrases?

We’re still working to forget any and all Snickers ads, and WWE has already cornered the market on strange and occasionally deeply uncomfortable KFC promotions. We thought long and hard about what possible ways Superstars could try to sell us things. Could the Dudleys sell us home furnishings by shouting “GET THE TABLES … AT WAYFAIR.COM?” We also considered Styles being a spokesperson for Mark Z. Danielewski novels, but “Damn AJ Styles, are you House of Leaves because you are hard to follow” is less of an endorsement than it is just telling the truth. Without further adieu, here are the best* ideas we could come up with.

*use of the word ‘best’ being extremely subjective in this case

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