WWE Made A Fan Change His AEW Shirt Before The Royal Rumble


All Elite Wrestling is already making its presence felt after officially launching on New Year’s Day.

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks’ reach has been far and wide in just the few weeks their wrestling promotion has been a reality, inking stars former WWE standouts Chris Jericho and PAC. They’ve been rumored to be interested in Goldberg following his latest WWE run. Bullet Club connections have placed Kenny Omega in AEW’s crosshairs after he reportedly turned down a massive offer to join WWE. And even current WWE stars such as the Revival, Mike Kanellis and others have reportedly sought their exit from Vince McMahon’s promotion in recent weeks, with the natural conclusion being they would end up in wrestling’s next big-time promotion, AEW.

That’s all led to some interesting changes on television throughout the month of January, reported salary increases as deals expire and WWE apparently requiring fans to remove their AEW merch ahead of shows. While there were rumors the same happened following AEW’s rally in Jacksonville ahead of a Smackdown Live show, there’s actually video showing it happen before Sunday night’s Royal Rumble event.

After video hit social media, Matt Jackson responded with sympathy for the fan:

While Nick Jackson promised if anyone shows up to their Double or Nothing show, they won’t be tossed whether they’re wearing WWE or AEW gear:

The word seems to be loud and clear at this point — if you’re on camera at a WWE show, don’t wear your AEW gear.