5 Lessons We Learned Watching Kate Upton Float Around In Zero Gravity

Yesterday we shared a couple of shots of Kate Upton from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue teaser trailer. We thought, “wow, this is a thing people will want to see today!” Then, seemingly a few minutes later, SI put up videos of Kate doing Zero-G flights in a gold bikini with her everything falling out of her everywhere. Great timing, everybody.

Anyway, we’ve done a deep analysis of the clips and come up with five important lessons that can, have been and should be learned from Zero Gravity Kate Upton, and we’d like to share those with you now. We at With Leather consider ourselves to be sort of a Kate Upton Institute Of Higher Learning, and if anybody can gain powerful knowledge from watching a lady try to look sexy while constantly on the cusp of projectile vomiting, it’s us.

First things first, here are the videos:

Here’s what we learned:

1. We Have Seriously Run Out Of Things For Kate Upton To Do

A few years ago, the Internet found out that it really enjoyed watching young Kate Upton do … well, almost anything. Dancing, eating cheeseburgers, dressing like a sexy nun in front of children, taking walking tours of buildings, playing Mario Kart, rapping, acting … seriously, anything.