5 Times Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Has Won The Internet

Raise an eyebrow in tribute, today is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s birthday. The man continues to get bigger — both literally and commercially — every year and the internet can’t get enough of what The Rock is cookin’. How there isn’t a fan site or Tumblr dedicated to just his eyebrow is a mystery that needs to be rectified.

In honor of The Rock’s 42nd birthday, I’ve culled together a tribute of his greatest internet moments — two of them highlighting the man’s otherworldly posing talent.

1. The guy is doing Instagram better than anyone.

Next to that girl who’s famous for showing off her butt in yoga pants, there’s nobody on Instagram more captivating than The Rock. There are lots of photos of him doing all things you’d expect The Rock to do, like hanging out on movie sets and rolling boulders up hills, but mixed in are the fan photos that would make even CM Punk crack a smile.

2. That time a cutout of The Rock made Reddit lose its mind.

The Rock doesn’t even need to be actually involved to win the internet, the guy can just have a cardboard cutout of himself do the work for him. That was exactly the case when Redditor MariettaLittleLamb put together an entire photoshoot of her Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson cutout acting out very Rock things: Rockin’ horse, Rolling Rock… you get the idea.

3. Blessing the world with the existence of this photo:

Guns typically aren’t allowed in The Magic Kingdom, but the laws of Disney don’t apply to Dwayne Johnson, who keeps his guns in tow whether it be in the ring or riding a giant rubber log. The Rock posted the Splash Mountain photo to his Facebook page back in 2011, leaving the internet to wonder how even the man’s armpits could be so baby smooth and muscular.

4. The internet highlights The Rock’s body evolution.

Maybe you’ve noticed that The Rock has gotten a bit larger since his early wrestling days. You’re not the only one, Reddit has picked up on it as well with the below meme. The guy is well on his way to becoming a human boulder.

5. Pretty much anytime news breaks of The Rock taking a movie role.

The Rock could put a photo of Weekend At Bernies II on on his Twitter feed and people would lose their minds about the possibility of him doing a remake. The actual details surrounding a movie with The Rock are unimportant. “Brett Ratner is doing Hercules, eww, barf. What? The Rock is in it?! Take my money now, Hollywood!”

And if the Fast & Furious 7/The $5 million Paul Walker Tribute isn’t enough Dwayne Johnson to satisfy you in 2015, there are Terminator 5 and Green Lantern rumors to salivate over.

I’ll leave you with this photo of The Rock cuddling with a rock, because meta.