50 Cent Responded To The Critics Of His Disastrous First Pitch In A Way Only 50 Cent Could

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05.28.14 6 Comments
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I believe we’ve all seen 50 Cent’s memorable first pitch at Citi Field at this point. A lot of folks have made jokes and I’m sure the Mets have tendered him a contract, but we’ve yet to hear from the man himself.

And I don’t mean some public relations TV plug for his new album during the game, I mean the unfiltered thoughts of the man for the general public to digest. Luckily 50 took his Instagram account and gave us just that, posting a video addressing all the critics of his pitching style.

The only problem here is I have no idea what he says. It sounds tough, but it also sounds good natured. I’m just going to back out and pretend it never happened.

(Via 50Cent)

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