A Florida Man Is On Life Support After A Horrible Spearfishing Accident

A 21-year-old man is in critical condition following a freak spearfishing accident in Sarasota, Florida, on the Fourth of July. Jarrod Ditmar went out with a friend to go spearfishing — something he did frequently, according to Ditmar’s mother. But as the two were surfacing the water, Ditmar bumped into his friend, causing the friend to accidentally fire his speargun into Ditmar’s head.

“It’s literally in his head right now. It went underneath his ear on one side and it’s sticking out under the other ear on the other side and it went through his brain stem,” said Ditmar’s sister.

Jarrod is currently on life support in an intensive care unit. Doctors cannot remove the spear from his head until he is stabilized. They have not declared him brain dead, claiming that it is too early to determine.

If you want to help out with Jarrod’s medical bills, you can donate to his Go Fund Me page.

(Via Wink News)