A Man In Prison Is Suing The NFL Over Dez Bryant’s Catch Ruled A Non-Catch

01.23.15 4 years ago 6 Comments

The sting of the decision by referees to overturn their call of Dez Bryant’s circus catch late in the 4th quarter of the Cowboys playoff game against the Packers on January 11th is still being felt by Cowboys fans across the country. However, one fan has decided he won’t sit idly by and let this injustice go unpunished. An inmate in Colorado is suing the NFL for fraud and gross negligence over the call and he’s seeking $88,987,654,321.88 in damages.

Terry Hendrix, an inmate with the Colorado Department of Corrections, filed a lawsuit against the National Football League on behalf of Bryant and all Cowboys fans Thursday. He filed the suit by mail.

I’m assuming the “88” parts in the dollar amount are a tribute to Bryant’s jersey number while the numbers in the middle are simply the inmate showing off his ability to count backwards from nine. Thankfully for Hendrix, Bryant doesn’t have a jersey number in the teens because then he’d be in line for a lot less money.

Hendrix is acting as his own attorney because of course he is.


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