A Royals Pitcher Did Something Wonderful For A Fan Who Couldn’t Afford Tickets

A week ago, I told you that the KC Royals would be a good team to get involved with if your favorite baseball team was no longer playing. They’ve built support from most of South Korea through superfan Sung Woo Lee, they have players who pick up the bar tab after a night of celebratory drinking with fans, and now they have pitcher Brandon Finnegan responding to a twitter follower’s request for playoff tickets.

I removed some of the back and forth tweets that didn’t further the story, but that’s the gist. A Royals fan tweeted at Finnegan asking for tickets, Finnegan responded with tickets, and now this guy gets to go to Game 4 on Wednesday.

My fear is that this will eventually become an annoying trend on par with people asking celebrities to the prom. But for now, I can get behind individual and isolated incidents like this one that show this team just gets it.

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