A Stripper Got Drunk And Did What Strippers Do…During An Australian League Football Game

Meet Heather McCartney, a Scottish stripper who had a grand ole time at at an Australian League Football game over the weekend. As fans watched the ending of Hawthorn-Sydney, McCartney began taking off all her clothes, giving everyone outside the corporate suite a view they won’t soon forget.

When police finally made their way to the suite, a drunk McCartney fought back, kicking and biting officers. She was arrested and released after paying a $300 fine.

“It was a bet: I said if Hawthorn win, I’m getting naked. They won, and I got naked,” she told the Herald Sun. “What a f—ing day, it was great.”

One man who claimed to be in the box said McCartney was hired to attend and promised double pay if she “got naked and cheered in front of “everyone”.

During her out-of-control antics, she kicked and punched police who tried to arrest her, attacking one with a high heel and biting another on the finger. “F— off, I don’t have to tell you anything, you f—ing retard,” she yelled before hitting one officer in the face.

For what it’s worth, the company who leased the suite said they did not pay her to perform. Good to know that Ms. McCartney’s doing this pro-bono. Or is it pro-boner? I get confused sometimes. Anyway, the AFL is not happy about the incident and is launching an investigation. As we all know, naked ladies in a corporate suite kinda, maybe make your league look trashy.

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