Aaron Judge Dominated The 2017 Home Run Derby With A Performance For The Ages

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07.10.17 5 Comments

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There hasn’t been a rookie baseball player who has captivated the league like Aaron Judge in a few years. (We’ll say since Mike Trout in 2012, because that gives us a chance to link to Trout’s amazing Baseball-Reference page and also because it’s probably true). He is incredible, a massive outfielder for the New York Yankees who launches baseballs into orbit with ease. He’s a good contact hitter too — Judge is hitting .329 this season — but his ability to hit for power is unreal, as evidenced by the 30 home runs and 1.139 OPS that he boasts at the All-Star Break.

Judge will start in the All-Star Game on Tuesday, because he is incredibly good at baseball and has earned a spot in the American League’s outfield. But before he gets there, he had to participate in the Home Run Derby. While there, Judge thought it would be fun to embarrass a bunch of professional home run hitters.

First, there was Justin Bour, a first baseman for the hometown Miami Marlins. Bour hit a super impressive 22 home runs. Judge then stepped up and hit 23. He hit a bunch out of the park, but the most impressive swing didn’t count, because the ball hit the roof instead.

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