Aaron Rodgers Implied Green Bay’s Coaches Could Be Leaking His Medical Information

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been shy about communicating during visits with The Pat McAfee Show during the 2021 NFL season. Between those appearances, his COVID misleading, and his well-publicized beef with the front office of the Green Bay Packers during the offseason, it’s been a wild ride in 2021, though the Packers are enjoying success on the field. On Tuesday, Rodgers was at it again. He seemed to suggest, at approximately the 2:10 mark of the video below, that members of Green Bay’s coaching staff could be leaking his medical information.

McAfee teed Rodgers up by asking about a report that Rodgers may need surgery on his toe and then another report that he might not need to go under the knife. From there, Rodgers leaned in to the bit, also addressing former Packers linebacker AJ Hawk, who was present.

“With these reports, I don’t know where they’re coming from,” Rodgers said. “I don’t know who’s talking. It seems like there are certain coaches that may have friends in the media that they don’t realize are actually just trying to report things.”

Shortly after, Rodgers said “there were guys for a while who had their people who they would leak stuff to.” That insinuation seemed to reflect that that active leaking was taking place, though there wasn’t much more detail within this particular exchange.

All of the back and forth about Rodgers’ toe is secondary to the suggestion, on a broadcast such as this, that things would be leaked about him from the inside. Some of this could be played up for whatever reason but, at the very least, it doesn’t seem like Rodgers is thrilled with the higher-ups in Green Bay, and that would be nothing new.