According To This Study It’s Possible To Develop A Third Testicle Because Of Cycling

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10.08.14 2 Comments

Move over three-boobed woman, you have some competition. In the November edition of the South African Sports Journal of Medicine, scientists document a rare condition called “cyclists nodule” or “third testicle.”

The testicle measuring approximately 3 cm in size can develop because of “constant rubbing in the saddle area.” Jeez, at least buy me dinner first bike seat.

The repeated vibration and friction between the ischial tuberosities (that’s your sit bones) and the saddle can lead to the development of a tender, firm, soft-tissue nodule around three centimetres in size.

“The condition is termed a third, or accessory, testicle”, say the scientists.

“Symptoms include pain on pressure and when sitting in the saddle which may even require the cyclist to give up the sport,” says the report in the South African Journal of Sports Medicine.

The nodule can be treated locally with steroids which makes a lot of sense because steroids turn your balls into walnuts. Right Jose Canseco? All that aside, the journal also details a woman developing the same condition.

So there you have it everyone. Women can grow testicles. Start the countdown clock for male extinction.

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