Add Daron Bryden To Your Mock Draft

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03.07.11 11 Comments

With all of the football and soccer trick shots making the web rounds – Johnny McEntee, Alex Tanney, Zach Enyeart, Lassi Hurskainen, the U.S. Women’s Cup Team, etc. etc. – I had thought we’d seen it all. But I thought too fast, friends, because 8-year old Daron Bryden is here to show us a thing or two. Daron is the quarterback for the Manchester Sentinels youth football team in Connecticut, and according to the video after the jump, he is one of the top youth football prospects in the country, which leads me to wonder: 1) How do you rank youth football players? and Two) Does he need an agent?

Daron shows off three tricks for us – the half-court basket pass, knocking a shoe off of two stacked trash cans from 15 yards, and a 30-yard trash can swish. In related news, Chad Henne claims he’s making progress on his next trick – throwing to his teammates.

8 Year Old Makes A Trick Shot Video – Watch more Sports

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