Adidas Will Start Testing Their Products On The International Space Station

When we all think of sci-fi there’s a handful of things that come to mind. Space ships, being able to travel across the galaxies at light speed, and of course space shoes. The concept of space shoes has always existed whether it was shoes that give the wearer the ability to move around like they’re in space, or special shoes that can only be worn in space. Think about it. You immediately had an idea in your head when you heard the words “space shoes.”

Maybe soon Adidas will be bringing our wildest sci-fi dreams to reality. They’ve partnered with the International Space Station to begin testing their products in space. They already sent up some soccer balls to see how they react to space travel and now they’re going to be testing materials from their “Boost technology” shoes.

Via Adidas:

As part of our official long-term desire to leverage the ISS National Lab, our iconic Boost technology is about to embark on a groundbreaking mission to the ISS’s orbiting lab, 408 kilometers above the surface of Earth. Thanks to the ISS National Lab, a supply of Boost pellets will fly on a cargo mission contracted by NASA to replenish the station with critical supplies and research materials – a mission that will literally take our product development to new heights.

In space, NASA astronauts will perform an experiment using the Boost midsole creation process, without the distraction of Earth’s gravity. The aim? To uncover the secrets of pellet movement during midsole mold filling thanks to microgravity conditions – something that scientists theorize could be used to optimize footwear performance and comfort.

Honestly, as a user of Adidas shoes for running, the idea of them being even more comfortable is really exciting. I will also be the first one in line to buy a shoe that was made in space because that just sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Space shoes? In 2019? What a world. Now we just need cheaper self tying shoes like the ones in Back to the Future. Bring that price down Nike!

And hoverboards. And the ability to travel the galaxy at light speed. But first, space shoes.