Get Prepared For The Alliance Of American Football, Which Debuts On Saturday Night

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There’s a gigantic void in the football calendar. Once an NFL season comes to an end on the first Sunday in February, fans of the spot have to go months before any college or professional games occur. There’s the NFL Draft, and training camps, and the preseason, and spring games for college teams, but there’s no football with any sort of stakes for half a year.

Basically, there’s a big ol’ gap in which an upstart football league could try satiate the desire fans have to watch real, live games during the offseason. The folks behind the Alliance of American Football agree, and as such, the nascent league will make its debut on Saturday evening.

What is the AAF? Well, it’s a professional football league founded by producer and director Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian, the longtime general manager of the Indianapolis Colts. It includes a whole lot of names that you know, whether they be players, coaches, or executives. Here’s a video.

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