An Infowars Editor Is Having A Blast Mocking And Trolling WWE Fans Over The Royal Rumble Outrage

Infowars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson does not deny one Twitter user’s claim that he’s a “snarky and arrogant little prick.” He also doesn’t deny that he had a blast trolling WWE fans on Twitter today with his latest video that takes on the #CancelWWENetwork movement that erupted on social media in the wake of Roman Reigns, and not Daniel Bryan, winning the Royal Rumble last night. Watson mocked WWE fans in both the video and on Twitter for being upset over the “scripted result of a wrestling match,” but he also took aim at sports fans who have spent the last week being outraged over #DeflateGate, which he says was “bigger than anything Obama said in his State of the Union address.”

There are corporations committing actual injustices on a regular basis, yet their actions don’t attract one-tenth of the vitriol I’ve seen being directed at the WWE for a wrestler being eliminated at the Royal Rumble. Biotech companies are about to release millions of GMO insects in Florida – where is the Twitter outrage? A new study shows that Monsanto herbicides cause DNA and cell damage to workers in the soybean industry. Yellowstone River is currently leaking carcinogenic chemicals throughout the Yellowstone area. But who cares, right? Because Daniel Bryan got eliminated from the Royal Rumble.

On one hand, he’s right that us Americans might be better off directing our outrage at more significant global causes, but on the other hand, I was pretty bummed that Bryan didn’t have a storybook ending. And on the third hand that I grew after being bitten by a GMO mosquito, nobody likes a troll.