Anderson Silva Is Still Crying About That Fight He Lost On Purpose

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.22.13 6 Comments

Anderson Silva crying

At UFC 162, unbeatable superchamp Anderson Silva basically stood still and held up a giant sign that said HIT ME, CHRIS en route to losing his UFC Middleweight Championship to Chris Weidman. It was so ridiculous that the world kinda agreed that the fight had been fixed, citing numerous airtight theories and causing Dana White to routinely lose his shit. This must’ve been what it was like to be Vince McMahon the first time somebody wrote, “hey, that leg drop move probably doesn’t hurt” and published it in a magazine.

Silva’s response has been to go on whatever TV show or video blog he can find and cry about his loss — literally cry about it — to convince us that the fight was on the level, and that he is an emotional fighting beast, or something. When you cry after a fight it’s because the belt meant so much to you, not because you’re embarrassed or racked with guilt for throwing fights!

In all seriousness though, here’s Anderson Silva crying on Brazil’s ‘Ao Vivo,’ backed up by … yes, I think those are Street Fighter II cosplayers.

Seriously, the best part of this clip is that it confirms my man-child belief that a show about fighting in Brazil has to feature Blanka. Thank you so much, TVHD Brazil.

Weidman-Silva II goes down on December 28. Suggested booking, in case Dana White’s reading and trying to work through the script: Silva knees Weidman four seconds into the match and the referee calls for stoppage, but Weidman doesn’t WANT the match to be stopped, and the title goes back to the Spider long enough to set up the rubber match at WrestleMania XXX. Or, uh, whatever UFC does in April.

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