Michael Bisping Blasted Anderson Silva With Trash Talk At The UFC Fight Night 84 Weigh-Ins

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Things usually don’t go well for people that open the trash talk salvos on Anderson Silva. The only man in recent memory that Silva didn’t want to destroy thanks to a trail of personal digs was Chris Weidman. Of course, we remember that Silva didn’t take him seriously, then got knocked out because of his lack of respect. Michael Bisping may be asking for a beating, or he’s trying to get into Anderson’s head. A psyche few have penetrated.

Things have been heating up throughout the week between these two middleweights, and at the UFC Fight Night 84 weigh-in, tempers finally boiled over with these two getting in each other’s face and clearly showing that there’s no love between them. Now Bisping has entered Chael Sonnen territory by bringing up Silva’s failed drug test from last year, which Silva insists wasn’t for steroids, but for a sexual enhancement drug.

Will Bisping get clowned? Can a past-his-prime Anderson even clown an ageless Bisping?

It should be mentioned that Silva is undefeated in London, going 4-0 in his Cage Rage run back in 2004/5. Let’s go back to the last time he fought in Great Britain, when he knocked out Tony Fryklund with a reverse elbow:

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