Silva VS. Bieber Set For UFC 136

Another day, another story about Justin Bieber, the world’s Sexiest Teenage Man, shoehorning himself into the world of sports because he’s rich and popular enough to do anything he wants. The latest incident comes from one of The Beeb’s concerts, and if your ears can get through the throng of screaming adolescents you’ll see Anderson Silva celebrating his defense of the middleweight title at UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro by doing a synchronized “The Shuffle” onstage for the enjoyment of 40,000 screaming Brazilian 12-year olds.

At no point did Silva counterstrike Bieber’s dancing with a Muay Thai knee to the face, but it’s worth watching anyway, and is at least a step or two up from wanting to put your junk in a cheeseburger.

Take a look, courtesy of our friends at Cagewriter:

Study question: What look is worse, Justin Bieber’s late-era Michael Jackson glitter-and-zippers gear, or Anderson Silva dressing like Nelson Muntz?

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For more on Anderson Silva, watch him be good at what he actually does for a living.