Andrew McCutchen Interviewed Anthony Bourdain And It Was Pretty Great

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At 26-years old, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen is one of the best young stars in baseball, and I hate that he plays in the National League Central, because he’s probably my favorite non-Cardinal to watch play, so I hate to have to cheer against him when he plays St. Louis. A lot of people believe that Cutch is one of baseball’s best 5-tool players, and they’re obviously right, but it appears that he wants to add a sixth tool to his repertoire.

The Pirates slugger recently interviewed world famous chef and UPROXX favorite Anthony Bourdain for “All-Stars with Andrew McCutchen”, and Cutch displayed a lot of charm as an inexperienced interviewer in his discussion with Bourdain, but that’s kind of fun we get in watching someone who is a fan of a celebrity interview that person.

And Cutch knows his Bordain info, too – or at least he was well-prepared – as they chatted about how Bourdain’s wife, Ottavia, is a bit of a mixed martial arts badass. A lot of athletes wouldn’t fare much better than Chris Farley in chatting with a celeb, but Cutch gets it done.

And just because…

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