At Least The NFL’s Replacement Refs Are Having Fun With The Fans They Screwed Over

I suppose if you’re one of the two replacement refs responsible for the above image that will go down in infamy as one of the worst calls in NFL history, you’re probably going to want a drink. In case you’ve been mining for gold in the Arctic, Lance Easley up there – the dude calling touchdown – and the replacement ref crew working Monday Night Football this week wrongly awarded Seattle Seahawks WR Golden Tate a touchdown on a last second Hail Mary that was, of course, actually an interception. Either way, Green Bay’s loss is in the books.

You know what else is in the books? Easley’s 15 Jager bombs, broskis! And he better have tipped well, because he’s in for a world of pain today after it was revealed that the scab ref was out partying in Fresno last night, and for some ungodly reason, he thought it was a good idea to take a picture with a Packers fan. Because no one would ever find out.

George Takata, the sports director at KPGE CBS 47 in Fresno, reported on Twitter early Wednesday morning that Easley was out at Club Habanos — a bar/club in Fresno, Calif., on Tuesday night. Takata even tweeted the tri-pane photo you see above. He says the middle photo was sent to him by one of his friends, and it is of Easley at the club Tuesday night. (Via Larry Brown Sports)

Okay, first of all, looking at the girl (below), I don’t blame Easley – who was also apparently deemed unfit to officiate college games – one bit. Hell, if I were in his shoes I would have offered to make the touchdown signal with her. And he probably had no clue that this picture was ever going to end up on the Internet, but if that’s really his excuse, then we probably need to teach him everything about the Internet all over again. (Also, what’s up, Fresno?)

I’m not trying to say that the guy doesn’t have a right to live his life, and I actually give him credit for brushing the dirt off his shoulders, as the hip kids who egg my house say, and having a sense of humor about it. But come on, dude. Lay low and let the heat die a little. Hell, I didn’t even know this guy’s name until today. Now Packers fans are going to be calling for his head, just because he got a little boozy with a babe. The least she can do now is claim she threw a drink in his face.