Auburn QB Bo Nix Evaded A Sack Three Times En Route To A Crazy Touchdown Run

Last week could have gone a whole heck of a lot better for Auburn football and signal caller Bo Nix. The team got thrashed by in-state rival Alabama, 42-13, while Nix didn’t get a ton going through the air (23-for-38, 227 yards, two picks) or on the ground (nine carries, -1 yard, a score).

But this Saturday offered up a chance at redemption for the team, as it played host to fifth-ranked Texas A+M. Whether they end up winning or not remains to be seen, but thanks to Nix and some straight up sorcery, the Tigers were able to take an early lead over their conference foes.

Nix took a second-and-goal snap on the Aggies’ five and looked dead to rights, with multiple A+M players flying into the backfield. No fewer than three opponents had Nix sacked, but he somehow managed to evade all of them, then ran through a tackle, bowled over another opposing player, and picked up six on the ground.

This will go down as a five-yard gain despite the fact that Nix ran back to the 20 and from one side of the field to another. I have no idea how he was able to do this, and I’m sure Auburn fans are pretty flummoxed, too, but they certainly will not complain about any of it.