Bane Kiffin: 'Calm Down Pac-12! Now's Not The Time For Fear, That Comes Later'

Senior Writer
08.17.12 6 Comments

Good meme. Well done.

I’ve long admired Lane Kiffin’s coaching career, from his days as an assistant at USC, to his head coaching gig with the Oakland Raiders, to his stint as the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, and now his tenure as the coach of the USC Trojans. I don’t admire everything he’s done because he’s been great at it. No, I admire it because short of Cosmo Kramer, nobody has ever fallen ass backwards into fortune and success quite like this guy.
But this is about today, and barring any idiocy in his lavish recruiting style, Kiffin will probably be at USC for a long time, because 18-year old kids like living and playing in Southern California. And we can make fun of Kiffin all we want for being arrogant or for saying he wouldn’t vote his team No. 1 when he clearly did, but it’s not going to change the fact that the guy is who he is.
That’s why the Bane Kiffin meme is so perfect. The guy’s an unapologetic, brash menace that most likely won’t be stopped this season, and we love puns. So everything works out great. We hope that this new Tumblr parody continues throughout the season, and we celebrate it today with several of our favorites and a few of my own.

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