Goose Island Will Let Bears Fans Try To Make Cody Parkey’s Field Goal To Win Free Beer For A Year

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Bears fans were/are very upset with Cody Parkey, the Chicago kicker that had his game-winning field goal attempt get tipped ever-so-slightly by the Eagles and bounce off the left upright and crossbar and out.

It was a gut-wrenching moment for pretty much everyone involved, with Parkey suffering the miserable indignation of a high-profile doink, while Bears fans are left to wonder if they squandered an all-time great defense this season with a Wild Card exit. Naturally, Parkey’s miss has led to an awful lot of people proclaiming they could have made that field goal and sent the Bears to the Divisional Round.

On Saturday, Chicago brewing company Goose Island will allow fans a chance to put up or shut up on that idea. Goose Island announced on Twitter that they would be putting up goalposts outside the brewery and allowing a select number of fans to sign up by noon on Saturday for the chance to take one attempt from 43 yards. The first to successfully split the uprights will win free beer for a year.

On Tuesday, they released more details on the challenge.

I hope they make fans try the field goal while gigantic men try to block it, but that seems unlikely.

So, if you are in Chicago and feel like you’ve got the leg, go down to Goose Island’s Fulton Street brewery on Saturday morning and sign yourself up. You might be able to win beer for the rest of 2019 and become a Chicago legend in the process.