A Swarm Of Bees Invaded A Spring Training Game And Oh My God They’re Everywhere

As March winds to a close, it takes a monumental event for a Spring Training game to make national news. On Thursday afternoon, such an instance presented itself, as the game between the Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres featured an enormous swarm of bees that disrupted play.

With the Rockies leading 10-4 in the ninth inning and the end of the game within sight, the collection of bees appeared behind home plate and a pitch actually occurred after they were visible on the television broadcast. However, that changed quickly and, within seconds, every person near home plate was laying flat on the ground to avoid potential catastrophe.

Rockies manager Bud Black explained the scene after the game mercifully came to an end.

Fortunately, no one was injured and this was more of a wild scene rather than an abjectly terrifying one. Still, it would be impossible to see a situation in which this volume of bees was involved without thinking of a certain throwback film setting.

This wasn’t quite Chris Farley at his absolute finest but the parties involved were wise to avoid direct confrontation with the bees and this didn’t end as poorly as it could have. Anything can happen in Spring Training.