Beercup Is A Soccer/MMA Hybrid, But It’s Mostly Just Assholes Hurting Each Other

Enter the world of BEERCUP DRUNKEN FOOTBALL. At least, I think that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s an Icelandic hybrid of soccer and mixed martial arts. The video was uploaded with the title “bearcup,” and I’ve listened to enough Bjork songs to put it together.

I’ll let you try to figure out what’s going on. It’s over three minutes of Icelandic dudes just whaling on each other for no reason, seemingly independent of any kind of soccer they’re playing. People get slapped, tripped, thrown, punched in the stomach and jumped from behind without any repercussions or points or anything, and the goalies are barely trying. Seriously, the goalies just stand there and kinda put their leg out whenever anybody tries to score. The f**k is going on with this game? The entire thing is set to the spectacularly NSFW sounds of Dope’s ‘Die Motherf**ker,’ so that should put it into perspective for you.

My theory is that a bunch of guys in Iceland wanted to have a gang rumble (Outsiders style) but Icelandic police (or whoever) were too strict and wouldn’t let it happen, so they came up with this weird, hyper-violent version of Calvinball to beat the ass out of each other as much as they wanted. Secondary theory: Iceland is weird, and some guys just really want to hit each other.

[h/t to Total Pro Sports]