Ben Affleck Says His Batman’s Fighting Is ‘UFC Influenced, Conor McGregor Style’

UFC fighter Conor McGregor has risen over the past two years from obscurity to super stardom, and it’s not just the combat sports world that has noticed him. Hollywood is also paying attention to the Irishman’s fights, and fighting style apparently. Ben Affleck, who plays the new Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, actually credited his Batman’s new rough and tumble style of fighting to McGregor.

“He’s a little bit more like a brawler, he’s more physical,” he told Reuters during press interviews for the film. “You kinda get a feeling of [a] physical visceral slugger thing, you know what I mean? So the fights are more smash mouth, UFC influenced, Conor McGregor style.”

Previews have shown a buffed up Batman crushing scores of henchman, throwing them across rooms and through walls. There’s not a lot of McGregor’s head movement, footwork, and countering on display here… it looks more like the toe-to-toe type of fighting we witnessed in the recent Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald welterweight title fight. But when Batman hits a guy, that guy goes down. So that’s kinda like McGregor, right?

We’ll have to wait until March 25 to see if Affleck throws some capoeira kicks at Superman or not. But it sounds like the people making the movie took some fighting cues from the UFC, which should certainly make the on-screen combat look better than all that ninjitsu crap from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies.

(via Reuters)