Ben Watson Can Now Add ‘Playmaker’ To His Business Card

The Cleveland Browns might be the only NFL team rooting for no football in 2011. Not only is Cleveland Browns football harmful to children and impairing to your ability to operate heavy machinery, theirs is an organization bereft of the commodity we refer to as “playmakers,” guys that can make 10 yards out of a 5-yard pass, beat double-team blocks and defy the limitations of mere mortals. Au contraire, says newly-anointed head coach Pat Schurmur.

“I think Ben Watson is a playmaker. I do think we have guys who can make plays,” Shurmur said via the Canton Repository.

–via PFT.

To clarify, Ben Watson is not a playmaker. Ben Watson is, however, the best player on a very bad team.

I seriously would want to see the Cleveland Browns play a season in the CFL, just to see how a crappy NFL team would play against established Canadian teams with inferior talent, but with more familiarity with CFL rules. How would the Browns do? Would they break .500? Twould depend on the number of plays made from Mr. Watson. Which is to say, they’d be totally screwed.

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