Best And Worst Of WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread: Mr. Belding Wants In, It Begins Begins

We experimented with the idea of a With Leather open discussion thread for Friday’s UFC 141 pay-per-view, so I’m opening up the concept to fake fighting. Two very important reasons:

1. Tonight is the payoff for the mysterious “It Begins” videos that’ve been playing on and around Raw over the last couple of months. We’ve gotten a few definite answers on who it’s gonna be, but nothing definite definite, so we want to know what you think. Who is it Beginning for on tonight’s show?

2. “It Begins” could be hype videos for Rod Belding. By way of The John Report comes the hilarious, amazing news that Rod’s square brother Richie, former principal of Bayside High School (aka ‘Saved by the Bell’ star and comedic genius turned lecherous, drunken appearance hound Dennis Haskins) wants a regular, on-camera role as WWE Raw’s General Manager. This may be too wonderful to be true:

Actor Dennis Haskins, better known as Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell, recently spoke with about his quest to become WWE’s RAW General Manager.

There is a petition going around on Twitter to get Haskins hired by WWE as the RAW General Manager. Haskins has appeared on Zack Ryder’s YouTube show and is a known wrestling fan. There was talk months back of Haskins hosting RAW but it never happened.

The petition currently has less than 400 signatures. Haskins is asking fans to bring “Belding for GM” signs to Monday’s RAW Supershow in Memphis. He has received the support from guys like Ryder, The Miz, CM Punk, Diamond Dallas Page and others.

This would be amazing, but I don’t think he’d do a good job. I mean, look at what happened the last time he was in charge of wrestling:

So tell us … what’s going to happen on tonight’s show? Will an earthquake accidentally lock Mr. Belding and Santino Marella in the GM’s office together? Will Brock Lesnar show up and lose in about a minute when Jinder Mahal knees him in the stomach? Will the Undertaker and Chris Jericho re-debut simultaneously, assuming those videos were for them? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

See you during the show.