The 10 Best Baseball Movies Of All Time, Ranked

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best baseball movies of all time

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Baseball is the sport of the summer, and all that comes with it. Nights at the ballpark, whether minor league, major league or otherwise, are a signature of good weather and the desire to relish the opportunity to be outside with family and friends.

But not every summer day is a picturesque chance to play ball or watch a ballgame. So when the rainouts come, it’s a perfect chance to catch up on the best baseball movies of all-time. Because not everyone fell for America’s pastime by playing the game itself. For some, the sport came into focus on the silver screen, and there’s perhaps no sport that gets more screen time than baseball.

With that in mind, here’s a completely impartial look at the 10 best baseball movies of all-time.

10) The Bad News Bears

This movie is fun because, apparently, everyone in the past yelled in a completely different way. But once you get past the lesson in diction, it’s pretty funny and a movie that subverts many of the classic sports movie tropes you’ve grown used to over the years. The team really is bad news, that’s not false advertising. And Walter Matthau defines the role of the disgruntled adult dealing with slightly deranged children. It’s a classic and a good place to start when it comes to baseball movies.

9) Hardball

Good luck getting through this movie without crying. Keanu Reeves as a baseball coach is maybe one of the most unlikely things you can imagine as a casting director. Then again, he was also quarterback Shane Falco in The Replacements, which is the best bad sports movie of all-time. Keanu contains multitudes, is what I’m saying here. Anyway, Hardball is a fun Bad News Bears-type movie about a ragtag baseball team until it completely rips your heart out. You’ll love it and then hate it and wish things were different. But you’ll be better off for watching it.

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