A Big Mac Fell From Space Onto An English Soccer Team’s Training Grounds


‘Burgers from space’ sounds like the plot to a bad horror movie, but it’s actually something that happened to an English soccer team last week. A YouTube prank ended up on the training grounds of Colchester United, a team in England currently sitting in eighth place in League Two.

The team discovered a burger, more specifically a Big Mac, on the team’s practice grounds. The burger was tied to a container and a GoPro camera, which was unusual to say the least. And after a bit of investigating, they figured out what the hell was happening.

The stunt was YouTuber Tom Stanniland’s idea, as he actually ordered a Big Mac and then tried to send it to space using a weather balloon. The burger got pretty high up there — 26 miles — but the balloon popped and he lost track of the flying object. You can watch the whole thing on Stanniland’s YouTube channel, but the important thing is that it fell to Earth on a soccer field and everyone got to have a bit of fun with it.

Oh, and Stanniland did try to eat the burger. He said it was very dry.

And, of course, McDonald’s sent the team a bunch of burgers to celebrate the stunt.

Maybe next time the burger will actually make it to space.