Bill Murray Was Just Inducted Into The Caddie Hall Of Fame, Which Is Totally A Thing

The consistently wonderful American treasure — also known as Bill Murray  — just received an interesting award, and it’s not the kind of accolade one would normally associate with the actor. On Wednesday, after competing in the BMW Championship pro-am, Murray, along with his brothers, were recognized by the Professional Caddie Association, which is a thing, and thusly inducted into the Caddie Hall of Fame, which is also a thing. There are apparently three different categories one can fit into when joining these illustrious ranks — junior caddie, caddie administrator, or career caddie.

The men each took home the “Junior Caddie” awards, which recognizes them as “prominent individuals who have used their caddie experiences as a steppingstone for future success.” This hits home for the brothers as not only did Billy Murray play show-stealing caddy Carl Spackler in 1980’s Caddyshack, the film was written by his brother Brian Doyle-Murray and was inspired by their collective experience helping out at an Illinois Golf Club when they were all young men. Once a caddie and now famous and/or successful, the Professional Caddie Association doled out trophies to the men — pictured above, thanks to Joel Murray — which were basically statues of a guy holding someone else’s golf clubs.

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