This Bills Fan Suffered A Horrific Injury While Jumping Through A Table From The Roof Of A Truck

No Buffalo Bills season this millennium has been complete without a truly embarrassing moment in snowy Orchard Park, New York. The only significant difference is that lately these embarrassments happen before the game, as it did on Sunday before the Bills lost in the snow to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This genius carried on the proud Bills tailgate tradition of drinking heavily and recreating vaguely wrestling-based aerial acts on folding props. This time a Bills fan from Ontario (note the license plate) leapt off a white Ford into a folding table. Gravity, as always, won.

Here’s an extreme slo-mo of a man hurting himself for no particular reason, if you need it.

There’s no confirmation that this dingus actually broke his leg but everyone seems to sober up quickly when good ole Bills Mafia doesn’t get up right away. The title of the video says he broke his leg, which seems about right.

Forget about dildo throwing or their treatment of Colin Kaepernick in his first start with the 49ers earlier this season. The weekly thirst for viral fame is the saddest thing about Bills fans during their 17 years without the playoffs. There are better ways to cope with bad football, all of which include not watching it and none of which should involve weird bruises in unexplained places.

The true path to football enlightenment is simple: dark, unbridled nihilism. Really cuts down on the hospital bills, too.

(Via Buffalo News)