Blake Griffin Travels Time, Has Helpful Panda Assistant, Makes Heads Explode

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.01.12 2 Comments

There’s a moment near the beginning of Next Media Animation’s more-or-less unnecessary 66-second tribute to Blake Griffin’s dunking where LeBron James is standing on an Olympic podium holding a “Dunk Of The Year” trophy, Griffin shows up and bonks him in the head with a basketball to knock him down. You’re like, “oh, okay, this is going to be a tame one”.

A few seconds later, Griffin jumps over a car to win the slam dunk contest and we cut to fans and their heads explode. Then, a military panda walking on its hind legs hands Griffin a ball so he can one-up the car dunk with a corkscrew leap through flaming hoops that have been set up over a tiger cage. It doesn’t end well. To top that, Griffin gets into a time machine and dunks on Michael Jordan, who is mid-dunk himself. And then my head explodes.

All I can say is that if Griffin can travel time and simply viewing his dunks makes blood fill your head until it explodes, poor Kendrick Perkins needs to keep his eyes closed from birth ’til death.

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