A Jays Fan Dropped Aaron Judge’s 61st Home Run And Had A Very Bad Time After

Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run on Wednesday night in Toronto, tying Roger Maris’ American League record and reaching seventh on the Major League Baseball single season list.

It was a huge moment that came a week after he hit his 60th, as the sports world watched as Judge went 33 plate appearances between home runs as he crept up on the AL record. As has been part of the conversation for major baseball records for years, there was a lot of discussion in recent weeks about what the value of Judge’s 61st home run ball would be and what a fan might be able to get for it if they caught it. There would’ve been plenty of money out there for the ball if they put it up for auction, or a lot of compensation from Judge and the Yankees if the fan were to be willing to negotiate to give the ball to him.

However, that won’t be an issue this time around as three fans reached out for the ball with a glove but missed, as the ball ended up in the bullpen in Toronto.

At first, it looked like it might’ve just missed all of them, but other angles showed that the one fan in the Bo Bichette jersey actually got a glove on it, only for the ball to bounce out and, well, let’s just say the man was absolutely sick afterwards.

That man is absolutely going through it, as he just threw his glove away and spent the next few minutes melting down and getting consoled by fans around him to no avail. He is going to run that moment through his head for…ever? Just waking up in a cold sweat months from now after yet another dream of the ball bouncing off his glove.