A Bodybuilder Threatened To Kill His Ex-Girlfriend After She Posted Instagram Pics Of Her New Boyfriend

Bodybuilder Shadie Assad reportedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, IFBB pro Jill Livoti and her boyfriend, according to court documents. The two broke up in the summer of 2013, and Livoti later got a protection order against him. Sometime after that the threats allegedly began.

“Not once you posted pics of me and you,” Assad, 29, raged in a text message to Livoti, 43, in September, according to court papers.

“I swear don’t let me catch you in the street. I’ll bust your face wide open!”

“Dead you and Capriese is dead,” Assad seethed.

Assad was charged with felony criminal contempt, among other things. It was later reduced to a misdemeanor. Court documents allege that Assad left Livoti’s boyfriend, Capriese Miller, threatening voice mail messages. Because of that, he’s been ordered to attend a stalker program.

Assad runs Hard Body Fitness, a personal training company. He’s also competed in lower-level bodybuilding competitions and took first place at the Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships in 2013.

Jill Livoti is an accomplished IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) pro and the winner of several events, including the 2014 NPC Universe competition for Best Physique.

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